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Si, c’est bon

by Here’s another excellent rose, although it’s not the stereotypical crisp, minerally yet fruity summer wine. It has a little more body and flavor than most. Since the label says it “was aged on lees and under a fine veil of flor for one year in 100-year…(Read More)

Summer Friday Evenings


A nicely balanced, refreshing Oregonian rosé. It was good with a little late afternoon sunshine and even better with Pad Thai and a Thai spicy beef salad. Very low alcohol, so you need not be afraid when you notice the bottle is more than half gone. We’ll be having this again…(Read More)

Ketchup Fave


Seriously. A favorite ketchup? Are there any others beyond Heinz or Hunt’s? Yup. While the texture of Sir Kensigton’s Gourmet Scooping Ketchup is a little lumpier than your typical brand the flavor of the Spiced variety, with a hint of jalapeño, ginger and who knows what else, is an umami-packed spoonful…(Read More)

Fava, Burrata & Blood


Yes, it’s spring and favas are available at the market here in Southern California. This our favorite way of eating them. Peel the favas, take half a ball of burrata (very milky mozzarrella) and loosely cut that onto a plate. Toss the favas on the plate. Squeeze the juice from half of a blood…(Read More)

It starts here


   It has to start somewhere. This it happened to be our trip to Galicia in September, 2013. Nonstop from LAX to Madrid. Then hop another plane to Santiago de Compostela. Pick up the blue Opel and drive about 45 minutes SSW to the town of Noia (which also happens to be known as Noya) on…(Read More)

Do not fear the whole fish


Love this prep—it’s really easy and quick. You just have to not be afraid of the whole fish. In a small bowl, pour in 3-4 tablespoons of olive oil, a healthy pinch of salt, a crack of black pepper and 1 to 2 tablespoons of dried oregano. Let that sit while you…(Read More)

Polyphemus Eye-P-A


Didn’t expect an amazingly delicious beer @wildupla in advance of Odysseus , but this really is excellent to my one-eyed tongue. @solarc…(Read More)

Leftovers again?


Yes! very excited to have leftover shakshouka for lunch. Ladle cold shakshouka into the small pan, make an indent and crack an egg into it, put the gas on low for 5 or 6 minutes (covered) and then another 5 until the egg cooks. So good.   &nbsp…(Read More)

Friday’s tasty sandwich


I swung by O Banh Mi for lunch after reading about it in the #LosFelizLedger . We’d been to the Soy Cafe which inhabited the same space intermittently for years. On Fridays, they roast some pork at a sister restaurant up the block and haul it down to carve on the counter to make delicious…(Read More)