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With apologies to rhyme patterns and They Might Be Giants, it’s both the ancient Roman settlement of Volubilis and the then- and current Berber village of Oulili. Considering we’d only been in Fès for a few days of the Festival and with more to come, we opted to head out to visit…(Read More)

Which way do you want to go


After jumping off the gondola lift from Siusi to Compatsch in the northern Italian Dolomiti to start the first day’s hike, the first thing you really notice is the trail list. “I think we should go left…(Read More)

Ride on, Vienna


    Why did we end up in Vienna—Waltz? No.  Mozart? Nope. Fluency in German? Nein. Love pastries? Not really. @Bourdain?Brainbuzz, germinate a few years, back burner, a “someday we’ll go there, maybe” place. @Louonwine? “High acid, low alcohol, heuriger, biodynamic, crisp, refreshing”. Yes, that sounds about right.   We were due…(Read More)

Porchswing at SoBou


When traveling, sometimes it’s fun to try something new and then stick with all of its iterations and permutations. OK, “all” is a bit strong a phrase, maybe it should have been “oft”. So, now we’re oft… We had our first Porchswings at dinner our first night in New Orleans at a place…(Read More)



What a great show last Saturday night with the amazing John Boutte.  @dbaneworleans…(Read More)

Crabby Wife


Sometimes there’s nothing else you can do first thing in the morning. You just have to have a #crabbyWife. Crab cake, shrimp étouffée, two eggs as you like them. Sometimes the crabby wife is on you and sometimes it ends up in your belly. Hope for the latter. At Horn’s near Treme…(Read More)

Mira! Another good rose


Currently ranked #2 for summer rosés at our house, Miraval, by celebrity winemakers Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie really is a good one. Nicely produced by Rhone powerhouse Chateau Beaucastel (who just happen to be partner-owners of California’s Tablas Creek), this wine delivers just what you’d expect: a sophisticated summer rose…(Read More)

Chop! Enjoy! Repeat!


On a recent visit to the best wine in Santa Barbara’s Funk Zone, we enjoyed a lunch which started with some delicious salumi. We asked if it was made in-house, like their delicious mortadella, and were told that it was from a small butchery/charcuterie firm in Portland called Chop. Before we heading…(Read More)

Cold Springs Tavern


After all these years of driving up to Los Olivos or Los Alamos or even back from Paso Robles through the San Marcos Pass (CA-154) near Lake Cachuma in Santa Barbara County, we’d never made it into the Cold Springs Tavern. It always seemed like we’d just eaten or it was too…(Read More)

Vesuvio Rosso


Here’s a nice sub-$20 food wine. Nice acid and balance, a little bright cherry and a hint of smoke from the volcanic soil. Pretty ruby color. This could very well be wine that Pompeians drank as the sky darkened and ash began to fall. Or maybe not. But if they did, they’d…(Read More)