Leftovers again?

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shakshouka_IMG_5226 Yes! very excited to have leftover shakshouka for lunch. Ladle cold shakshouka into the small pan, make an indent and crack an egg into it, put the gas on low for 5 or 6 minutes (covered) and then another 5 until the egg cooks. So good.    


Friday’s tasty sandwich

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I swung by O Banh Mi for lunch after reading about it in the #LosFelizLedger . We’d been to the Soy Cafe which inhabited the same space intermittently for years. On Fridays, they roast some pork at a sister restaurant up the block and haul it down to carve on the counter to make delicious [...]

Altra Instinct 1.5

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Originally submitted at OnlineShoes.com All the benefits of Altra’s award-winning minimalist running shoe are back with a hot, new look in the Altra Instinct 1.5 barefoot-inspired sneaker. This men’s athletic shoe boasts a quick-drying air mesh upper with a Dri-Lex collar lining and full-length, streamlined seaming construction lining to… Altra Instinct 1.5 – Men’s – [...]


Greasy Wiener

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As the cafeteria at G’s workplace has been closed for remodeling over the past few months, the company has invited food trucks onto the premises. One day, it was a hot dog truck. The name didn’t sound that enticing, but she opted to give it a go. Behold! “New Jersey Style Fried Hot Dogs”. This [...]


Wine from Rancho Cucamonga

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Yes, somewhere between downtown Los Angeles and San Bernardino (and I’d suspect it near Rancho Cucamonga) is an AVA I’d never heard of. An AVA is a geographic description like Napa or Carneros or Champagne, for that matter. Vines have been a part of southern California since the Mission days. This vines here, apparently, aren’t [...]


Nano roaster. Trystero Lot 49

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Despite the suggestion of roaster Greg of Trystero, as soon as I made it home I popped some beans into the grinder. He’d said I should wait a few days to let the beans settle/rest/de-air (something). However, he had also hinted that if I were so impatient, I should grind the beans and let them [...]


Reason for this Ryme

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Stopped into wineshop Domaine LA for the first time to pick up some wines ordered at a winemaker dinner @almarestaurant last week. While there, decided to look around a bit. Having spotted a pinot grigio by Viarta, I asked if Domaine LA had the ribolla gialla. Nope, but they did have an unfined unfiltered Napa [...]


Back to Le Comptoir

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It had been a while since G & I dined with @garyMenes #lecomtpoirla and enjoyed his meticulously prepared cuisine. Our meal ended with this seemingly simple dessert of fruits and a doughnut. It was so packed with flavor due to the various techniques involved (dehydrating, stewing, roasting, burning, frying or whatever), truly memorable. Next to [...]

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